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  Georgian Bay • The Fresh Water Sea



About these harsh, barren islands there is an undeniable fascination, possible inherent in the manifest struggle in their line, perhaps in the sense of remoteness and stern resistance to the encroachment of man - a morning of serene calm may change to an afternoon of calamitous seas.


It is a region of great beauty and fierce contrasts; it can be stirring or contemplative; it is always provocative...it seems natural that this region would attract adventurous spirits. (Charles Comfort "Georgian Bay Legacy" 1951)

  henry's Facts  

• Samuel de Champlain visited the Eastern Shore first in 1615


• Georgian Bay named in 1820 in honour of King George IV


• Georgian Bay is almost as large as Lake Ontario


• Henry's in Sans Souci is on Frying Pan Island


• Henry's is a "Saveur 100" recipient


• Henry's Sans Souci Restaurant is a federally registered airport for sea planes and is serviced by at least 5 commercial airlines.


• From Henry's South to Henry's San Souci is 38 miles by water's shortest route


• Henry's South is in Canada's largest fresh water marina ­Wye Heritage Marina


• Other names for Walleye:

• Canada - Pickerel

• U.S.A. - Walleye

• Europe - Pike Perch